Announcer and Announcements

Hi all,

what is the Announcer[]? I see it freequently in the json and in the console “setMapAnnouncer…”, and I wonder what it is?

It doesnt seem to be the Announcer that can be triggered by Moderators, which pops up for every User in the Space, or am I mistaken?
Also, is it possible to trigger such an Announcement via API?

Thanks in advance!

Announcers are spotlight tiles. Much like whisper, they had a name in the code before they had a name in the platform (I guess). But setMapAnnouncer will allow you to add spotlight tiles to a map.

uff… okay. Thanks for clearing this for me.

Then, I keep an eye open for an solution that allows to trigger those pop-up announcements.

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Triggering those has definitely been something requested in the API office hours. Not sure if it got much priority, though.

That said, there may be a different solution coming soon.

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