Websocket event "playerChats" is not working

I am using subscribeToEvent “playerChats”. It was working well, but since the latest update to the chat feature, it is no longer working.

Hey @Biszx. Gather.Town has rolled out a new version of the Chat for various spaces (at different times) that doesn’t support the chat API as it has in the past.

“The Gather Chat API does not work with the new Chat experience, so if your space has an custom-made features using the API those will not work…”

Justin at the Gather team indicated on March 6, 2024 in the Slack group that

Will it support the chat API again in the future?

I have not received any indication that they will be reimplementing the Chat API. Unfortunate if so as we had a lot of really handy chat tools built on top of the Chat API. I am not 100% certain however.

@npfoss might have some additional insight.