Webhook or API option when some people at my desk

Hi there,

We use Gather, and most of the time I am at my home office.

In my home office, I have a Domotica system and speakers in my office. So if someone rings at my desk, I want to mute my audio in my office.

It will be nice if there is a webhook, but are there other options?

There is a way to do that. I can Coach you to the solution

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As a starting point, in your browser console you can listen for in-world events:

const unsubscribe = game.subscribeToEvent("playerRings", (data, context) => console.log(data, context));
const unsub2 = game.subscribeToEvent("playerMoves", (data, context) => console.log(data, context));

you can also run a script locally with the same game client. More documentation here (warning: beta)

Thanks for the response. But that options are not easy to make a solution for me. I more like a webhook option :heart_eyes:

ah unfortunately we don’t have webhooks yet, sorry!

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While Gather doesn’t have a webhook endpoint. There is a way to integrate webhooks to gather to achieve what you were looking for.