Respawn Bug causing Impassable Blocks

@npfoss @Kevin-RtR

Just wanted to document this a bit: There is a bug with respawning that causes impassable blocks. I can go into details in a DM to help pinpoint how its done. Very easy to replicate or produce by accident.

ah thanks – please DM me how to reproduce it and I’ll fix the bug

Tested this after speaking with Bill some, and it’s very easy to reproduce by accident. Good news is that when all players leave the space, it does clear out the invisible impassables, but during a busy event most of these blocks would be all over the place potentially. :confused:

I’m sure Bill has a bunch of great details already on it, but let me know if you need any additional logs or support, and I’m happy to provide more data @npfoss.


I have DMed Nate with the info on this one, though if there are any other causes besides the one I shared with you, definitely let him know.

yeah thanks – I’m OOO still for the rest of this week but will patch it next week. Bill DMed me enough to go off of, I think I know where to look to fix it

ok, I’ve fixed the bug, it should be live tomorrow, and I added a test to make sure it doesn’t happen again

thanks for the report! and sorry for being slow

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