Guest's landing page

Currently the ‘invite guest’ link takes you to the ‘edit’ character page as the landing page, which seems like an odd choice, at least for our use cases.
Either the previous page (to the current landing page), the one where you can enter your name and set audio and video or the ‘name only’ page feel more appropriate starting points.
Is this choice of landing page a bug or is there a good reason why it does that?
Is there anyway we can change this the landing page?

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In discussing landing pages is there a way to invite link directly into space without character setup, if not registered, utilizing a default username with audio and video set to off. Then allowing them to customize it using menu in space.

I think in some use cases the landing page creates friction. Would rather the user be able to explore the space without worrying about being seen or heard until they are comfortable.

Just to clarify, is it the “Make your avatar and set up your camera” page that creates friction? Or some other page?

The Avatar creation page also has the Terms Of Service, so I do not see how Legal would let Gather generate a way of accessing a space, bypassing that screen.

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Yes, would like them to click link and end up in space on designated spawn point.

That was the one thing I did think of too was terms of service would need to be accepted but could be a small popup “Enter & Accept or Exit & Leave”. In thinking more about this it could be useful to have the ability to add a space specific terms / guidelines also.

The primary use case, in my space, doesn’t require users to communicate with each other. I think the friction is created from the intrusiveness inherent in video and audio communication. I do not want people to feel uncomfortable entering the space to try something built within the meta UI like a game or interacting with web3 that doesn’t require V/A.

I guess I am trying to utilize Gather where the main feature is the “Meta User Interface”. Utilizing V/A as a secondary important feature for tech support between user & staff.

This has been brought up in various forms. I do not expect anything to change soon, but we might see something.

It sounds to me that you might be well served looking into creating cloned spaces for each user, instead of having a ‘multi-user’ experience where you wish to avoid A/V connection. Even then, you will still have the A/V setup screen, but at least it will not matter if they are muted/video-off (de-videoed? Blinded? We really need a word like ‘muted’ but for video).

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