Get list of spaces


Is there a way to list spaces that I have access to using either and HTTP call or the websockets API?


There isn’t an official API endpoint for this yet sorry!

You are doing a lot already! Thanks!

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@npfoss allow me to correct you Sir. :slight_smile:

@francescortiz this is how I use to list all my spaces via API


Does the job


Corrected HTTP Api Endpoint

Hi @KiliZ,

The spaces returned by this API call look like space templates to create, not the list of spaces that you have access to. You can clearly recognize them because the spaces that you have access to have a structure like this:


Do you know about it?


Hi @francescortiz,

sorry my bad, I did a copypasta mistake. You are totally right.

This is the API Endpoint you were looking for. Enjoy!:

If you need further assistance or insights, Im happy to coach you on this, Ive builded scenarios with this and other API Endpoints using Zapier (and Happy to share my experience with you.
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I can show you some other endpoints that also allow you to get some more advanced infos about individual spaces. (such as playercount an other admin details)

EDIT: Added the API Endpoint

Hey, the API endpoint is missing :slight_smile:

here we go @francescortiz

Awesome, thanks! I cannot try now, but I will try ASAP!

Godspeed with it, shoot me a dm or schedule a session with me here if you like to learn all expert knowledge about gathers api:
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It the call works perfectly! Thank you! I will keep your sessions in mind!

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