Gather for Communities - Feedback Q1

We haven’t tried editing our space in a bit, but will check. Thanks for the info!

Our first online event has been great and we found some tricks to answer our problems.
We made a virtual market and we had several issues:

For the mobile interaction we found that when you put an url in a video url, spot you can interactif with it on mobile and open the website

Also, for another project we had difficulties with the activation distance, we thought that it would be great to be able to define the activation distance for the left - right - upper - bottom

I t would be also great to be able to change the name of a space, and to choose either to keep or discard an uploaded media (image, picture, …)

I would be also great to be able to create our own avatar and use it (as a paid custom service? )

As for the experience, our user have been delighted to use the platform! Some of non-used-to-technology users had issues understanding the “press x” so we added some explainations and it was good!

2 radios had talk about us and are waiting for the upcoming projects, this is very exciting!

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Up, this would be so great!

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We used Gather for a “Virtual Convention” style event, and have some suggestions to make that easier.

“Town Hall” style discussions work well with spotlight tiles, but after the formal event, it can be hard to hear people in a larger group. Something like this would help for a semi-moderated discussion: Spotlight Tile Speaker Control | Voters | Gather.Town

Also need the ability for mods/admins/maybe people on certain tiles to lower hands. Lower Hand Option | Voters | Gather.Town

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Continuing (new users can only put two links per post).

Collaborative map editing would be nice, or at least some way to not step on each other’s changes: Allow multiple people edit the map at the same time | Voters | Gather.Town

Hi there! I’m the Co-Founder of ProjectFun, the biggest community in Italy about Gamification.

On Gather we’re holding some training and meeting events dedicated to the Community, I try to give some feedback after about ten workshops/events organized by 5-30 people:

  • During the various meetings, we make extensive use of physical space on Gather and a problem that often happens is that when we are screen sharing, participants can’t “move” because they don’t see their character (of course they would just press on the button in the top right corner to resize but it’s probably not an obvious choice). Perhaps you could create a shared screen display mode that does NOT fill the entire screen?

  • Out of a few hundred people we’ve hosted, only a few (<5) people have had technical issues (some due to corporate firewalls, some due to lag that made the service unusable, and some that saw glitches/errors in screen sharing). From this point of view, I’d say we are more than satisfied with the stability of the platform :+1:

  • As a speaker, several times I would have liked to see more screens/faces of the participants at the same time. I saw that in the new version you increased to 16 but it would be nice to be able to increase even more (and/or prioritize showing the participants’ screen with webcam on).

  • Several times people couldn’t tell if typing “Nearby” would reach all the people in the room or not. Maybe some indication can be created to let people know how far away the messages are coming?

  • We make extensive use of surveys in our talks. Currently we work by presenting the various options with slides and having people vote via emoj on gather (1-4) but since we can’t count votes in a simple way we’d like to have a more integrated method of voting (we have yet to test the foot voting extension heheh).

That’s it for now, we’ll be hosting more events in the coming weeks and I’ll see if I can continue to give you feedback :heart_eyes:

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To make community and truly metaverse, it would be necessary to have the automatic translation of different languages ​​in the instant messaging (Google Trad?). It would also be necessary to be able to fill in avatar profiles, with at least countries, hobbies, frequented spaces, and the possibility of sending messages offline as in a social network. What about the friend request in Gather? In the state it is useless, since we can only know if the friend is connected or not. Not where he is and how to reach him…
Gregor Karje from fb group Gather Town France and Gather