game.playSound() function not working

None about that. However throws errors in console all the time. Some times many, some times almost quiet.

A related error I see often is “[5 sec audio bug] info”, however it related to meetings with another users.

I was able just now to get game.playSound to work for me. What type of hosting are you using for the sound file? Is it a CDN, a Google Drive, or is it hosted by some external source? Also, what type of CORS are set? If CORS disallow external access, then you would not be able to get the sound to play inside of Gather, and would see a “Access Denied” error, or something of the sort.

It was not CORS related, as I did test it with fetch(sound). The problem was because I was not an administrator. My builder permission allows me to destroy everything, but not play a sound. I’m really disappointed, not only because of the strange permission climbing, but because I get NO errors.

Any little idea takes too long to be accomplished because of the lack of docs and feedback. Nothing can be built without hitting the head on the wall. It looks like wont us to build extensions and bring features to to the platform.

ah sorry we generally return errors when you don’t have permission but it was missing for this action – will update it!