Deleting a MAP and Uploaded content

Hello, trying to solve a problem on my map (A), I’ve created a new one (B) as duplicate my first map (A).

I would like to delete that “temporary” map (B) but… I have that attention message

“Are you sure you would like to permanently delete this space? This will remove everything including any uploaded assets. IMPORTANT: This might also delete uploads for any copies of this space or copies of maps in this space! Proceed with caution.”

Does it means all the uploaded contents in my initial MAP (A) will be also delete if I delete the duplicate one (B) ?

So if I upload content in A
Duplicate A to B
If I delete B, what about content uploaded in A and used in B ?

I am not 100% that every upload would be unaffected, but when a space is copied, new URLs are assigned to the images uploaded to the Gather CDN, which should (!) mean that they are separate from anything related to the initial parent site. So you should be good to delete the original site without altering the new one.

That said, most folks just lock down disused spaces, and keep them around just in case. Gather does not charge or anything for having a bunch of shelved spaces.

Thanks for your help Bill. I had in mind to make a “month” backup during my dev. but that idea is not good if I finally have a bunch of unused space like that :wink:

And as I’ve created, upload and carefully place many objects in my map, I prefer don’t take the risk to loose something :wink:

ah yeah sorry

when you upload an image it goes to our cdn but is still tied to the space – that way when you delete the space, we can delete the cdn images also. but it isn’t re-copied to the cdn when you copy the space (TODO). so deleting A really might cause problems in B :confused: