Can Gather Also Share-Screen Ongoing Calls Being Made Within the Laptop?

Hello! Im managing cold callers, and they are all remote. Imagine a situation where all my cold callers are doing their calls on their laptop, while also constantly sharing their screen.

Is it possible for me to also be able to see and hear them make these same calls? And are there system apps that block these share-screening?

Hope I made that clear. Thanks!

I think this is possible but I’m not 100% sure… Let me know if you try it out!

Fair warning, I am making a number of assumptions about your set up, but here we go.

I feel like the only thing that would be missing would be the Call Program audio, which might be hard to pipe into Gather. Currently, it is difficult to share audio from non-browser programs, and assuming the Call Program is not browser based, you would be able to see the employee, see their screen, but not hear what the consumer is saying. There are programs at can manage sound output in a way where Gather can ‘hear’ it, but these tend to, IMO, be a giant headache. Below is a quick illustration of the setup I am basing my assumptions off of (likely not 100% accurate to your setup). You will notice there is no audio connection between the Consumer and Gather.

Definitely an interesting use case, though, especially the idea of monitoring employee screens using Gather.