A.I. Awesome Intelligence

Hello there,

Ive just finished a huge project (or at least the first Chapter out of minimum 6) which is called A.I. Awesome Intelligence. It is Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk styled Gatherspace which offers anybody a personal and sutainable learning experience.
In the first Chapter you are going to receive input and stimuli on identifying your problems and challenges. In the next step you will receive supportive methods and strategy that may help you to overcome your problems or challenges.
You can experience this Scenario alone, or in a team.

The content in the space is based on Experience and Knowledge of the past 1 1/2 years, educating using Gather.Town and also on some books and blogs of german design thinkers.

I invite you to discover the space on your own. I hope you find something worthfull for you or your team in it. Before you leave the space, please leave your feedback in the feedback form next to the last level. You can also simply click HERE.

The Gather-Space hasnt been announced on any social media, allready. Before this happens, i want you to collect some feedback. I might need to improve one or two things, therefore im thankfull for any feedback.

Since the space is in Earlyaccess, i want to restrict the access a little bit. Therefore Ive created a simple workflow that adds Users to the Guestlist of the space, once they have sumbitted a nickname and Email Adress on this form.

You will not receive any unrequested mails, spams or advertisment by submitting here. I will also not process your Data any further then adding your Email to the Guestlist and sending you an confirmation Email.
As soon as you’ve submitted, you will receive access permissions to the Gatherspace.
Once the Gatherspace is opened to the general public, I might skip this process

Thats it for now!

Hope you enjoy this space

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Nice work.
I assume the audio is generated, the quality is very good, sounds natural - what did you use?
Is the audio playing from the embedded web page or are you using objects in the gather space with audio attached?

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Hi mel,

thank you!

youre right, the audio is generated by MS Azure Text-To-Speech. A realy awesome tool.
The audio is then playing on the embedded webpage.
I needed to trick around with letters and words sometimes… e.g. A.I. was somehow pronounced wrong. So i made it read A eye…
Also the engineer orginially (in my first script that I wrote), he spoke english with a heavy german accent. That was fun, but also to much fiddling on certain words.
So I reduced his part for only a few scenes for the moment, and I also switched his voice to an english character untill I figuered out how to let him speak english like a real german engineer :smiley:

For the next Learningchapters, i wanna do some short audio files, which got playd as soon as the player moves up to NPC’s. That would be realy cool… “Good Day Adventurer…” :smiley:

That’s interesting. I like your tricks to get it to say what you want. I’ve used Google’s text to speech, it sounds a lot less natural than this, for instance it seems to ignore punctuation.

On playing audio, are there potential issues when multiple people are listening at the same time? The audio presumably is not synchronised between the different users and if they can hear each other’s audio it may be distracting.

Yes, google sounds weird sometimes.

Yes… thats a weakpoint. The audio is not synchronized, if sbdy uses speakers instead of headphones, it will be realy distracting.

Therefore I was thinking about adding multiple private tiles around the bulletin. But that would also avoid anybody from speaking with eachother while beeing on a HackHub… But that isnt even possible at all with all the voice over, right?
What do you think?

Yes, it’s tricky. Private spaces could be a solution, but as you say then you lose the opportunity for interaction which presumably is critical, as why do it in Gather.

I have been experimenting with bots that can actually play audio, but this starts to get quite involved given the lack of support on the Gather side.

I’ve not tried this, but another possibility could be using an ‘internet radio’ on the web page so at least the audio is synchronised, but then determining when to start and stop playing becomes tricky.

I’m not aware of any simple solution.

What support do you miss with playing audio?

Doing it with internetradio might work very good, thank you for the idea. I will test this.

I was also thinking about coding something in the background, that plays a certain audio file in a certain area, as soon as a player interacts with an certain object. This might be the way. My first testing on this was also successfull, but also a pain to code multiple audio players… at least for coding beginners like me. Maybe sbdy with more coding experience has an idea on a clever workaround

What support do you miss with playing audio?

I mean that you don’t have access to a video and audio stream to do a fully functional bot (I believe the likes of Microsoft Teams does).

You could code some audio objects in gather that will only start when users move to a particular area or interact with one of your web page objects.

As much as I know about the Video and Audio Stream technology they use, which is WebRTC, this is critical since it might open doors for third parties. However sbdy might code a bot someday, that acts as a real player and listens to the incoming audio stream and processes it. Like Alexa, but in Gather :smiley:

Till this day, adding an embedded chatbot might be easier :slight_smile:

This could be also very handy when it comes to creating a learning environment…

Like Alexa, but in Gather :smiley:

I’m working on it :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome! :sunglasses:

Dont forget to customize the advertisment users tend to receive, depending on their converstation content they had in Gather.Town :slight_smile:

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This looks pretty neat! Amazing Job KiliZ. How did you get the full-screen video Autoplay upon pressing X? I’ve been looking for a solution that’ll do that. I’d love to know a little more about how you pulled some of these features off.

Thank you, Shawn! :slight_smile:

There are no videos embedded in this space. Every Bulletin is a own Website, using genial.ly.

Some players, youtube and vimeo, allow the videos to be embedded. You might be able to customoze the embed (using embed website in GT, not video) url with an url parameter that makes the video automaticly played.
Something like:

Ahh, that makes sense.
Yeah, I’ve been trying that, but have been getting the problem with Auto-muting on chrome when I do that out of Vimeo or Youtube. But running through a website with Autoplay I haven’t tried. I worry it will still auto-mute, but worth a try.

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Another quick question, are you spawning a new space with A.I. or are you just letting as many players jump in as can fit?

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The public A.I. space which is accessible for free atm is one space for all. So you might meet other players during your experience

However, i have clones of the space for teamevents.

Does that answer your question?

Oh yes, that makes a lot of sense. How’s the response been so far?

Overall extremly positive. The space has won the K20 Educators Mapmaker contest. Ive received some realy constructive and positive feedback. I gained many learnings from this creation and Im motivated to continue on new chapters. According to the feedback, continuing the chapters, is what users wish.