Websocket API Forum - Notes

Some folks asked about rate limiting, so here’s an easy snippet showing how to space out your requests & ensure you never hit a rate limit:

for(let i=0; i < myObjects.length; i++) { 
    setTimeout(() => {
        game.setObject(myObjects[i].id, myObjects[i]) 
        // or wherever your object data comes from
    }, 100 * i);

@julian asked about if you could tell if a joining player joined with a spawn token. This is not currently possible, but I’ve made a ticket for this.

We talked a lot about rate limiting, and how rate limiting works, as well as what stability we can expect. This opened a larger discussion surrounding rate limiting & stability expectations

@Bill_Uncork-It wants to know if you can get the spaceMembers when the space is empty. You can! The event is spaceSetsMembers:

 game.subscribeToEvent("spaceSetsMembers", ({ spaceSetsMembers }) => {

There were some concerns about users & privacy, we talked a bit about that and how Gather protects users privacy.

We talked about asymmetric encryption strategies for how we may protect people’s uids. I like some of the options we talked about!

We also talked about ways to sign or authenticate map data to prove that people’s map. There is significant IP value/effort involved in the creation of maps, and we mentioned ways to authenticate users

Minimap ships when? Not just yet! But Soon:tm:. They’ve also requested the ability to make the avatars invisible on legacy minimaps. It seems like the minimap feature wasn’t really being used as a minimap

@Kevin-RtR reminds us that it would be really great to have a way to prompt users - dynamically open the ExtensionModal, or better yet any modal, using a feature like game.modal

I probably missed things! If you have any more questions, reply here!

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