Spawn point always on the upper left corner

Hello friends.

I’m new to the space and I just started with Gather a few days ago.
I explored templates and decided to make a map on my own. I made my own image and uploaded it. I built it on top of it in Gather. By default, I had one spawn point in the upper left corner of my map. I deleted it and created 6 more spawn points. but when I test my map I never spawn on my spawn points but only in the upper left corner where the first default spawn point used to be.
Any suggestions on how I can fix that or what am I missing and making wrong?
Thank you in advance.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

sorry for the delay! FYI in the future for usage questions like this, email

but in this case, it might be a couple different things:

  • if you’re reloading the same tab, you’ll always end up where you left off regardless of spawn points → try clicking your name in the bottom, then “respawn”
  • if your spawn points are outside where your background is, even if there are other objects also outside the background, they won’t count and the default is top left in that case

hope that helps!

Thanks a lot. The first suggestion worked perfectly!