HTTP API for dummies

No Coding Skills? Want to do cool stuff with the API in Gather?

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Sadly this Tutorial is partly outdated.

Using the GetMap API does still deliver the correct format of Collisions (Base64 Type), Thus they appear differently when using console commands to get the json of a map.

Gather.Town has changed its way to define Collisions (aka. impassable tiles), the HTTP API does only accept the old way currently.

I don’t think collisions has changed… it has always been a base64 encoded string of bytes. What are you seeing?

This is how it used to be. base64 right?

And this is how collisions look like now

Atleast this is how I get it from the console in game.mapState command. Isnt that changed?

To be fair to the Docs, the setMap endpoint appears to be intended to be used with getMap, not with harvesting from the console directly.

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oh yes. you are right. Thank you!