Authenticating against V2 API Endpoints

Hi there,

As we open up more V2 API endpoints, I’d like to just briefly document/explain how to send an authenticated request against our endpoints:

To use an API key, send the header apiKey containing your key. This applies to GET, POST, PUT, etc requests.

You can also send a Bearer token which can be found in the Chrome console for your current session, but these are frequently and automatically rotated so it’s challenging to work with from a developer perspective.

Let me know if you get stuck!


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Does this means that the V2 endpoint is ready to use? Didn’t see the notion document updated.

One endpoint, like the spawn token endpoint, that I’ve described in the forum post below, is available for limited external use - we’re having some internal discussions right now about what the best path forward is to provide everyone with adequate documentation for the rest of the V2 API. This is just a general bit of documentation as we show more endpoints, how to authenticate against them

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