Adding Information to a object

Hi community,

I’m interested in learning more about the most common or usefull things you add to a object. So that when you subscribe to player interacts you receive more information from that event then objID, name and so on.
Are there even any ways to put more details and informations to individual objects in gather it self?

there’s an object field customState which you can set to any string – this is how doors store if they’re open/closed, and plants store which stage of growth they’re in

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thank you, that helped!

I had a follow up question on this. Can I use customState of an object to show an object in a specific state for a specified user? Meaning if the user interacted with the object then its in a different state but only for that user and for everyone else it’s in its original state.

Per user data presentation does not work, as objects are currently implemented. We do not have access to the front end of the platform, which is where I personally would enact any logic based user interactions. There are options if you create a webpage and use the identity linking feature, but that is a much more expanded solution.