Get player email address

Is there a way to get the email address of a player? I am currently implementing a Slack to Gather synchronization bot and it would be really handy to get the corresponding Gather player using the same email address as a Slack user.

For now, as a workaround, we enter our Gather player IDs into Slack, but directly finding Gather players via email address would be way handier :slight_smile:



Just following up on this.

For data privacy reasons, we do not allow space owners to take a uid and get an email from it. Since we have no way of knowing what a space owner might be harvesting users’ emails for, we need people to be confident that their email address is safe unless they give it.

Here are a few ways you can bridge that gap:

  1. You could make a chat bot that asks for the email address you registered with, and when the user replies, you will be able to associate their email (in data or context)
  2. You could create a type 7 MODAL_EXTENSION object (this is a complex approach, but entirely doable) that will allow the user to fill out a form - it will look like the same interface password doors have. Then there will be an object in the space people can fill out to get on Slack, and you would handle playerInteracts- the dataJson field contains the contents of what they submitted.
  3. You could follow the same approach you already are, where you’re asking for users to go to and manually associate their UIDs. It’s a one time setup, honestly not that bad for a small organization.

Hope this helps! I hope to post some examples of #2 soon since I know it’s complicated.

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Hey @opalrose and thanks for the reply (that I totally missed until now)!
In the end, we went for option 3 as you guessed, but I would totally still be interested in option 2, so if there is some tutorial on modals that would be really helpful!

There is! Here’s a quick post about how PW doors and MODAL_EXTENSION work:


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